About Client

Bridgestone Turkey engages in the production and sale of tires for the automotive industry. Their production facility is one of the largest in the world producing upwards of 11M tires yearly for domestic consumption and export to Europe and the Middle East.

Website: www.bridgestone.com

In Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Lastik A.Ş. we’re using eBA Workflow Management System actively since 2004. With over 70 developed business process, approvals are given online, helping to speed up the processes and contributing to paper-free office environment.

It is especially preferable due to its easy integration to SAP and new forms are added to eBA system continuously. All reporting about the created forms can be done on the system and with the efficient documentation archive it provides any requested form can be quickly accessed.

İlker ÇETİNERInformation Systems Manager


Indirect procurement


To place orders for indirect materials requires multiple levels of approval based on the value of the order. This process was manual and heavily paper-based, leading to delays in orders, lost documents and limited process oversight from start to finish. It also required the end-users to interact with an inhouse-built purchasing platform integrated into SAP which was perceived by end-users as too complex or difficult to use.


An indirect PO approval form with approval process steps was created in eBA workflow management and integrated with the inhouse-built procurement platform.

Time to Implement

40-160 hours


The indirect procurement process was dramatically approved both from a time and end-user experience perspective making it the biggest use-case of eBA at Bridgestone.