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eBA / Synergy Licensing

eBA / Synergy Licensing

There is a Synergy for Every Company!

With its flexible and versatile solutions, it is suitable for all business sizes, from small businesses to multinational enterprises. Choose the licensing model that suits your business and start designing right away.

Determining the installation method
On – Premise (On-site), Cloud, Rental
Determining the licensing method
User based (named, concurrent), Core based, Project based
Package selection
Basic, Business

Installation Models

Perpetual (On – Premise)

This installation model is known as “on-site installation“. The platform is built on servers and databases provided by you. Servers are prepared with the specified server and database configuration and installed by Bimser with remote connection or on-site support.


The platform can also be licensed by the rental method. Rental is divided into 2 in itself.

According to the licensing model and package selection to be determined below, the platform can be positioned by on-site installation at a monthly rental cost.

According to the licensing model and package selection to be determined below, the platform can be positioned by installing on cloud servers at a monthly rentalcost. With this model, the platform is installed on cloud servers prepared with the specified server and database configuration. Cloud licensing model is divided into 2.

  • Public


    Platform Bimser Solution is installed on servers in the cloud environment.
  • Private Cloud: The platform is installed on servers in your own private cloud environment that you have invested in.

Licensing Models

User Based

It is the licensing based on the number of users who will actively use the platform. It is determined as person-based (named user based) licensing.

Core Based

In cases where the number of users is too high, the platform is used with unlimited users. The method looked at as a license is the Core number.

Project Based

Project-based licensing restricts the number of projects that can be designed. With User-based and Core-based licensing, unlimited processes and projects can be designed on the platform.

Package Selection

Another parameter in the platform licensing method is package selection and 2 package structures are offered. Packages and their features are listed below.

Features Basic Business
Training 8 Days 12 Days
Workflow and Document Management Solution
Performance Indicator Panel (Standard Indicators)
Mobile Application
Basic Viewer (PDF, HTML)
Standard Database Connector
WEB Page Browser
Ifilter Support
Scalability (50% of Server License Fee for each additional cluster) Cannot be attached
Office 365 online integration O O
Document Retention O
Microsoft Office Add-on O
Viewer O
Dashboard O
Mail Integration Service O
Integration Manager (ERP Connector) O
External API Support O
DriveBA + Synergy Folder Listening O
Capture (Excluding ABBYY OCR License) O O
EBYS Records Management O O
KEP (Registered E-Mail) O O
National Electronic Notification System (UETS) O O
Electronic Signature O O
Mobile Signature O O
Synergy Content/Object Storage O O
ABBYY OCR (page/month price must be requested) O O