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IT processes such as case, request, change, failure management.
CRM processes such as potential customer, existing customer management.
Purchasing and logistics processes such as requisition, quotation, order management.
HR Processes such as recruitment, exit, payroll and personnel files management.

Business Process Automation

  • To gain operational agility by increasing IT Efficiency.
  • Public practices and inter-process connectivity.
  • Data transfer between units.
  • Regulation and inter-process links.

Business Process Automation Solutions

With the automation of business processes, sector/department-independent solutions can be produced.

Administrative Processes

Assignment Vehicle Request Expense Decleration

All companies incur additional expenses other than personnel salaries and need to manage them. Expense declaration process with business process automation is one of the most used processes. Especially in external assignments, the personnel are provided with food, accommodation, fuel, parking, car rental, public transportation, etc. They can document the expenses and submit them for approval. Moreover, with the mobile application, these transactions can be performed by adding the relevant receipts and invoices from outside the company to the system, and approvers can perform approval/rejection transactions in the same way. According to certain amount limits, the expenditure made to the personnel can be reimbursed with the approval of in-company authorities. It is most effective to manage such solutions with end-to-end workflows. Another administrative process is the assignment process. Internal or external assignments of staff can be planned through the assignment process. If there will be a need for a vehicle during this assignment, it can be associated with the vehicle request process and the appropriate company vehicles can be requested and booked. As a result, the processes of assignment, vehicle request and expense declaration, which are used intensively among administrative processes, can be used more efficiently and effectively by linking them with each other. This will result in more effective data for reporting. Many reports such as staff assignment load distribution, company vehicle usage intensity, how much expense was incurred for which project, expense distribution according to annual expense types can be generated.

Administrative Processes

Visitor Management Meeting Management

All companies receive visitors from time to time for meetings or work. It is important for the vision of the organization that these visits are recorded and that visitors are directed to the meeting room or workspace correctly and quickly. With business processes automation, an in-house visit record can be created first. By entering visitor information, time information, meeting room or workspace information, the security or information desk can be informed in advance. Incoming visitors can be informed directly which meeting room or which work area they will be directed to. In addition, the visitor entrance card to be given to visitors will be integrated with the attendance system and security systems, and authorizing only the doors that the visitor can enter will be effective in terms of corporate information security. This also applies to visitors coming for the study. Documents and certificates that must be submitted by visitors who come to work within the framework of OHS rules can also be requested and recorded in the system.

The operation can be made more efficient by integrating the visitor management process with the meeting management process. Meeting participants’ consent can be obtained through the meeting management process. A suitable meeting room can be reserved. Topics to be discussed at the meeting can be determined and action decisions made during the meeting can also be managed through the same form. These decisions or actions can also be e-mailed to external users who come as visitors. Visitor form and meeting form can be combined and reported from a single screen.

Administrative Processes

Personnel Demand Recruitment Debit HR Personnel Files Leaving the Job Purchasing Demand Management

The processes of personnel demand, personnel recruitment, personnel hardware/software purchases, resignation and demand management, which are important processes in the Human Resources unit, can also be designed effectively end-to-end with workflow automation. When any unit within the organization needs personnel, a request can be made through workflow automation with information such as how many resources are needed for which unit, in which competencies, for which position. The relevant request can be approved by authorized persons and the recruitment process can be triggered. With the recruitment process, advertisements can be made on various platforms, CVs can be collected, CVs can be stored in corporate document management and candidate interview results can be stored in corporate memory. By starting the employment process for the candidates with positive results, personnel needs can be met and personnel files can be transferred to document management. It is possible for many units to meet these demands through the system, such as computers, telephones, sim cards, company vehicles, installation of related software, opening of mail or AD account for the recruited personnel. The embezzlement process of the related hardware can also be managed through workflow automation. If the purchase of hardware or software required for staff is to be made, it can be managed in relation to the procurement process. In the event of staff leaving the job, the same process can be reversed and processes such as closing the mail and AD account, receiving hardware such as computers, phones, sim cards, etc. can be operated and all processes can be managed in an end-to-end relationship.


Support Processes

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Incoming Outgoing Documents
Digitalization of corporate documents and electronic transmission to the relevant persons.
Invoice Processing Center
Automatic archiving and inclusion of all paper and electronic invoices in processes.
Cargo tracking
Recording and arranging the cargo sent or received by the institution through a central structure.

Document Management System

Digital Transformation with Domestic Production and Global Agility

Invoice Processing Center
Processing of electronic and paper invoices and integration of invoices with financial systems.
Contract Management
Management of all contracts’ life cycles, integration with financial and legal systems.
From Physical to Digital
Digitizing and archiving all kinds of corporate information in physical form.

Document Information Management

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Official Correspondence
Correspondence with public institutions and organizations according to the Official Correspondence Procedures and Principles and TS 13298 compliance.
Incoming Outgoing Documents
Production and storage of all documents coming to or leaving the institutions by a central system.
Record Management
Management and archiving of all documents and document lifecycles.