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Electronic Record Management System (Adapted for Turkey)


Electronic Record Management System (Adapted for Turkey)

EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) is based on making official correspondence within the framework of a certain standard. The eBA EBYS solution enables official correspondence to be managed in accordance with the TS13298 standard. Real and Legal Persons, Private Institutions and Public Institutions are obliged to distribute these official correspondence produced during regulations, legal or operational processes within or outside the institution, archive them for a certain period of time and operate the destruction process when the time comes.

In-house units have to make official correspondence with each other from time to time. With the eBA EBYS Internal Correspondence solution, it enables the production of official letters in accordance with the TS13298 standard and their transmission as Electronic Official Correspondence between units. While the official correspondence between the internal units of the same institution is an Outgoing Document for one unit of the same institution, it is an Incoming Document for the other unit.

Official Correspondence to be made between institutions, on the other hand, has the quality of Outgoing Documents for one institution, while it has the quality of Incoming Documents for another institution.

All these official correspondences (Internal Correspondence, Internal Incoming Documents, Internal Outgoing Documents, Outgoing Documents, Incoming Documents) are made officially on the digital platform within the framework of the criteria of the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, with the Qualified Electronic Signature infrastructure, which has the quality of legal evidence. Electronic Correspondence Package (ECP) is produced automatically after the official signing in electronic environment.

With its Registered Electronic Mail (REM) and National Electronic Notification System integration infrastructure, eBA EBYS automatically takes action for documents coming through the Officially Registered Electronic Mail (REM) or National Electronic Notification System. initiates the flow and ensures that the necessary measures are taken. It allows to write a reply letter for incoming Official Documents within a certain period of time. Likewise, Electronic Correspondence Package (ECP) can be sent to counterparties officially via Registered Electronic Mail (REM) and National Electronic Notification System.

eBA EBYS comes with Standard File Plan (SFP) and State Organization Database (DTVT DETSIS In Turkey) infrastructure during installation. In this way, corporate memory is archived, stored and destroyed when the time comes, in accordance with the Standard File Plan (SFP) and Official Correspondence Procedures and Principles as a Digital Archive.

eBA EBYS Features

TS13298:2015 Certified EBYS Solution
Official Correspondence Procedures and Principles Regulation Compliant
Standard File Plan (SDP) Support
Qualified Electronic Signature Certificate
Internal Correspondence, External Correspondence, Inbound Process
State Organization Database (DTVT DETSIS) Compatible
Electronic Correspondence Package (ECP)
Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) Incoming - Outgoing Official Correspondence Management
National Electronic Notification System Incoming - Outgoing Notification Management