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Security Policy


Security Policy

As a software provider, we care more about security issues than anything else.
We take measures to enhance the security of our products used by our Customers, Business Partners, Suppliers and our User Community and develop our products accordingly.
Each of our developers knows the sensitivity of our company on this issue and performs software development activities accordingly.
We apply internationally recognized security standards and follow the open declarations of internationally recognized software communities.
If detected, we address vulnerabilities as a matter of priority and mobilize all our capabilities to fix them. We plan update activities together by communicating directly with our relevant stakeholders for the improvements made.
If detected, the way we disclose and respond to vulnerabilities to stakeholders is designed to benefit all affected parties.

Policy Objectives

Bimser develops highly secure software products for its customers.
Corrects reported or detected vulnerabilities accurately and quickly in a timely manner.
Acts openly and transparently in reporting and correcting deficits.