The Importance of BPMN in Digital Transformation

Before I mention about the importance and function of BPM (Business Process Management) in Digital Transformation, I would like to tell you about a research and the analysis that comes from this research.

As a result of the researches made only with CEOs, it has been observed that approximately 27% of the investments made by their companies are within the scope of digital transformation and 66% of these companies have strategies related to digital transformation. So, we observe that awareness has increased considerably in recent years. Increasing productivity and providing competitive advantage seems to be one of the two most important reasons for investing in this area. One of the critical ways to provide them and one of the first steps is business analytics. This is followed by areas that touch the customer experience and cyber security investments. ( GFK , Deloitte )

Of course, according to the research result I mentioned above, while there are many fields to invest in digital transformation, it is very critical for companies to start this process from the right place. I think the reason why the concept of business analytics is at the top of the list is to try to find answers to the questions of what, where and when we should do, as well as to make meaningful results from that information (which we can define as big data) and make strategic decisions easier. So, the process of analyzing the business is very critical and a high value added area for digital transformation. Of course, in order for business analytics to give proper and correct results, it is necessary to modelling your business processes properly within certain rules and map them according to this process hierarchy. Our intention should be to know not only from process modelling but also from which process we will start developing to increase the maturity level of the business processes after determining the risks, the resources used, the required competencies within the business processes. We can understand how much impact this change will have with “business impact analysis” and by determining how digital that process is “digital transformation development areas”. You can give priority to processes that low digitized level and highest impact on work.

These kind of softwares are available in the market. However, it will be necessary to look at the vision of software companies while investing in this matter. Because the process that started as BPM in digital transformation now continues as IBPM (intelligent business process management). Ensemble software invites you to open new horizons in this regard with its existing features and the vision it has determined.