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Tredaş spreads over a large geographical area. The company provides services at 22 different locations and has approximately 350 employees in these 22 different locations. It was required to follow up the internal processes of these employees


The internal processes like spending or travelling was implemented over eBA. Internal and external IPs (links) has been defined to these processes.

People from outside are also able to complete their forms by login in through the external link.


When a spending is made, it is ensured that this spending is loaded on eBA and the required procedures are carried out by the central directorate of financial affairs,at this stage, all events are issued electronically, payments to be made to the banks, again following this, we will send payments to the banks, we are able to transfer the documents concerning these expenditures signed with mobile or electronic signatures to the banks without experiencing any problems.

All the requests of the employees concerning travelling are managed over eBA. personnel are making all their requests such as flight, HOTEL, vehicle, etc. over the system. After the approval of the management, information relating to these is sent to the concerned personnel, for instance their flight tickets, information relating to their hotel reservation; and the personnel travel under the light of this information.

Employees and administrators are able to access the system easily through the external link while they are mobile.