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Bimser Enterprise Asset Management

Bimser Enterprise Asset Management

It allows you to manage all your inventory and maintenance processes related to your assets on a single platform, to configure the information collected from your assets as measurable and reportable, and to get the first day’s performance.


BEAM Solution Family

The Road to a Solution with BEAM

Asset Management

Maintenance and Repair Management

Material Management

Staff Management

Purchasing Management


All-in-One Solution for Asset Efficiency

Minimize your losses with uninterrupted service/production.
Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management Benefits

In asset management, the primary focus is on centralizing critical assets. In short, defined asset types including facilities, critical infrastructure, machinery, equipment, workbenches, industrial OT/IT assets in all locations that need to be managed and monitored across businesses can be defined and can work by connecting to each other with a flexible structure.

Fixture Management
Debit Tracking
Warranty Tracking
Asset History with Barcode and QR code
Asset Moving
Asset Count
Depreciation Calculation
Map Support
Mobile Support
Asset Analysis and Reports
Graphical Asset Tree

Industry 4.0-managed businesses with Asset Management are agile, integrated and innovative.
All the requirements of the new generation are integrated with BEAM (Enterprise Asset Management) on a single platform; You can manage all solutions integrated with each other to help you be more flexible, profitable and sustainable.

You can manage information such as where your assets/fixtures are located in your business, moving them to a different location, transactions performed, historical costs, warranties, when they were purchased, usage periods, spare parts changes under a single roof.

It ensures the follow-up and control of fixtures embezzled on individuals. You can manage embezzlement delivery processes and create embezzlement report.

You can follow the warranty periods of your Asset/Fixtures.

For the fixtures in your inventory, you can report information such as their location and how many of them are there and which ones need to be scrapped.

By accessing asset information about your equipment labeled with a barcode or QR code belonging to your Asset/Fixtures via the mobile application, you can access information such as how often it malfunctions and who does maintenance.

By entering the coordinates (X and Y) information of the fixtures, the status of the equipment can be followed on Google Maps, customized queries can be prepared and the equipment can be tracked on the map.

You can mark your equipment on the business layout plan and get information about the failure notification and status on this map.

You can add and count your assets, manage embezzlement processes, and manage asset transfers via Android and IOS compatible mobile devices.

Maintenance and Repair Management

Maintenance and Repair Management

Maintenance and Repair Management Advantages

If malfunctions dominate the activities of your maintenance team; Now it’s BEAM time.

Work Request
Work Orders Calendar
Work Safety
Unplanned / About Malfunction Maintenances
Calibration/Measurement Processes
Advanced Authorization
Periodic (Planned) Maintenances
Workflow Support
Analysis/Reporting Competence
Predictive Maintenances
Mobile Support
Integration Competence

Manage your assets from a single platform and plan the necessary work orders for maintenance and repair processes. With BEAM Enterprise Asset Management software, provide the right interventions before failures occur, prioritize your critical works. Ensure integration with corporate applications. Take asset downtimes under control. Monitor and optimize your critical infrastructure

By quickly reporting your malfunction notifications on mobile or desktop, processes are approved with workflow design technology in digital environment and take action.

Recording of unplanned maintenance work, maintenance time, labor time, downtime, material cost, labor cost, service cost, total maintenance cost, spare part/material usage amounts, accidental maintenance job descriptions, accidental maintenance instructions, maintenance risks in the occupational safety process It provides the opportunity to access and manage many data as soon as possible, such as taking protective measures with its definitions.

It can be created automatically by the system according to a certain date, time interval or working time (counter value) in accordance with the periodic (planned) maintenance plans. Users can fill in checklists according to the defined steps in the maintenance instructions. It can take new action for the steps that have not been taken. It can perform stock controls for periodical maintenance by making material requirement planning.

With predictive maintenance in BEAM, vibration measurement, oil analysis, ultrasonic measurements, temperature measurements, etc. You can enter measurement values or integrate with a data source that can share these data. You can prevent malfunctions by creating an automatic work order containing the activities you have determined for measurements that are not in the desired frequency range or are out of tolerance. You can also access the trend of all the values you have measured from the reports.

You can manage all planned or unplanned work order processes on the calendar, you can change the planning dates with drag and drop.

Calibration, vibration, temperature, noise etc. It enables to define measurement packages such as monthly and annual follow-up. You can store calibration instructions and schedule when and how the next calibration is to be performed. You can create reports and printouts of when and how calibrations are performed in calibration checks.

You can approve the jobs assigned to you in the request and work order processes, either from the web or from the mobile environment, so that the process proceeds uninterruptedly and without waiting.

BEAM work orders and work requests processes can also be managed via Android and IOS compatible mobile devices. Relevant documents of the processes (video, instruction, picture, etc.) can be added to the system from the devices. You can continue these processes offline if you wish.

The threats and measures to be taken in the field by the staff related to the work to be worked can be determined in advance, and the compliance of the work with occupational health and safety can be checked by being approved by the OHS department in the process flow.

With its advanced authorization infrastructure, Beam can interfere with users within the framework of access authorizations.

BEAM Enterprise Asset Management offers over 30,000 probabilistic ready reports on assets, materials, purchasing, scheduling, work orders. By combining the power of OLAP Cube Report with its flexibility, fully web-based customizable reports can be created for customers’ asset management needs.

BEAM Enterprise Asset Management has the ability to integrate with many ERP, MES, SCADA and IoT systems with web service technology and API support.

Material Management

Material Management

Material Management Advantages

Manage Your Materials and Stocks More Effectively.

Material Management
Material Movements
Material Request and Transfer
Material Count
Mobile Support
Workflow Support
Analysis/Reporting Competence
Integration Competence

Thanks to BEAM Materials management, you can determine the required material, labor and machinery needs, and take precautions against possible material shortages and minimize your warehouse costs by keeping stock at the minimum level.

You can define your spare parts or materials as you wish, classify materials by group code and subgroup on the basis of material, and make stock management regularly. You can easily issue parts to the work order and change stock automatically. You can initiate an automatic notification or purchasing process when the minimum and maximum stock levels are determined and when the levels are exceeded.

Any type of definition can be made for stock movements. You can easily issue parts to the work order and change stock automatically. Thanks to the inventory management on a single screen, you can send the excess materials in the warehouses or warehouses to different warehouses with inter-warehouse transfers.

With warehouse demand management, you can reserve materials to the requester with a workflow algorithm for picking up a material from the warehouse.

You can count the materials in warehouses and stocks through the application and mobile devices.

In case stocks are kept in a different ERP system, BEAM can integrate with other ERP systems thanks to its superior integration competence, and can manage and synchronize stock entry and exit and definitions on a single platform.

Material movements, demand and transfer processes and material counts are performed via mobile devices, thus saving time and resources.

Staff Management

Staff Management

Employee Management Advantages
Resource Engagement Calendar
Shift Planning
Subcontractor Management
Analysis/Reporting Competence
Integration Competence

Use BEAM Enterprise Asset Management for better determination of business priorities, optimal resource utilization, tracking staff performance, identifying which employee does what, identifying training needs of technical staff, tracking employee competencies, shorter downtime for maintenance, and effective business planning.

You can define the personnel who will work within the work orders to the system according to their competencies and status. If wage information about the personnel is entered, you can include it in the cost calculations in maintenance or downtime.

You can ensure that your employees, who are assigned to all jobs, whether planned or unplanned, make daily, weekly and monthly work plans. It allows you to distribute work evenly according to working hours in the next job assignment.

You can manage the shift plans of your staff working in shifts and assign work to the right people in the right shift.

You can define the subcontractors employed in the enterprise, as well as the employees, to the system, observe and report how much equity and how many subcontractors are employed in the works.

Thanks to BEAM’s superior integration competence, you can integrate with PACS (Personnel Attendance Control System) systems and assign work according to the situation of the staffs in the enterprise, or you can integrate with HR (Human Resources).

You can automatically or manually generate valuable reports for the personnel, such as the performance evaluation of the working personnel and overtime reports.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management Benefits

Manage the processes from requesting a material or service to entering the warehouse on a single platform.

Purchase Requests
Proposal Request / Creation / Evaluation
Purchase Order
Delivery, Receipt and Entry Procedures
Mobile Support
Workflow Support
Analysis/Reporting Competence
Integration Competence

Thanks to BEAM Material Management, you can determine the required material, labor and machinery needs, take precautions against possible material shortages, and minimize your warehouse costs by keeping stock at the minimum level.

These are the processes carried out by the unit requesting all kinds of goods and services needed within the company, by passing the necessary approval flows in the electronic environment. Within these processes, the person who initiated the request, how much of which goods or services he wants, in which warehouse it will be delivered, and the necessary technical documents, drawings, etc. It is the initial stage of the purchasing process where documents can be added.

Quantity, price, brand, model, discount rate, different foreign exchange rates, etc. This is the screen where offers and information can be entered. In addition, the offers of the companies can be evaluated within the framework of the determined rule and price comparison can be made, as a result, you can evaluate the offers with the most suitable conditions for your company.

As a result of the bid evaluation, the necessary purchasing conditions for the company to be purchased can be entered and then the order can be sent to the relevant company in electronic environment.

Invoice or waybill information of incoming materials or services can be entered and warehouse entry can be made, if necessary, supported by quality control processes.

You can purchase materials or services to be passed through the approval processes with digital flows that can be defined under the conditions you want, from the purchase request to the delivery receipt screens.

BEAM can integrate to the ERP systems with purchasing process.

You can have valuable reports on purchasing processes generated automatically or manually through the system.

By approving your purchase requests and purchase orders via mobile devices, you can ensure that your processes progress quickly.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset management can lead you and your company to higher profits, less downtime and savings. Drive continuous improvement to maximize uptime and maximize return on assets.

Track asset lifecycles.
Extend the life of all your Assets.
Manage your spare parts in stock.
Reduce maintenance costs/Increase production efficiency.
Manage your maintenance within the scope of Planned / Unplanned / Predictive / Efficiency and Continuous Improvement.
Manage your end-to-end purchasing processes with workflow support.
Provide flexible and fast data access with mobile asset management.
Get in-depth data analysis with the dashboard and advanced reports.
With Beam corporate asset and maintenance management, manage all the fixtures and equipment of your company under a single roof, manage your maintenance activities, and take your costs under control.
Take necessary actions by observing the performance of your equipment and personnel.
Also turn this data into visual reports.
With BEAM, get rid of non-value-added works, reduce your asset and maintenance costs, and increase productivity by using your time effectively.
Provide integrated work with enterprise applications.
Take control of asset postures.
Monitor and optimize your critical infrastructure.
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What is Enterprise Asset Management?
Enterprise Asset Management is the ability to manage all processes of a fixture under a single roof, until it enters the corporate inventory and is scrapped. It also aims to optimize the quality and economic life of equipment, buildings, facilities, machinery and the entire inventory throughout their life cycle, increase productive working time and reduce operational costs.

Enterprise asset management is important in terms of business management, asset maintenance, planning and scheduling, purchasing and inventory management, and identification of threats and measures necessary for the safe operation of staff.

Why is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Important?
With the BEAM Enterprise Asset Management software, all facilities, machinery/equipment, fixtures are prepared according to location and cost centers, and with the asset tree structure, it provides the convenience of managing the desired facility, machine/equipment or fixture from a single center.
It ensures that the necessary information to be resolved before the problems arise is recorded on the system and measures are taken.
It contributes to the improvement and efficiency of the working environments, increasing the asset lifecycle processes.
When purchased, when maintained, frequency of failures, parts used, efficiency, etc. You can monitor such situations.
It allows you to switch from a reactive maintenance model to a proactive one by changing your maintenance management system.
What are the main features of BEAM Enterprise Asset Management?
Integrate inventories.
Manage asset processes.
Create Work Requests and Work Orders.
Follow Your Periodic Maintenance.
Control your processes from the approval mechanisms you want with Workflows and ensure their progress.
Manage your purchasing processes from a single center.
Strengthen the decision support mechanism by analyzing and reporting.
Provide fast data entry with mobility.
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