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Field Service Management Solutions


Field Service Management Solutions

Effectively manage inventories and gain visibility into field service operations.

Always up-to-date inventory data
Real-time updating of inventory data allows service workers to better manage their spare parts inventory and prepare with more precise forecasts for replacement.
Mobile application
All the data service technicians need is available in real time mode. Stocks are taken directly from the customer, and the service report can be written to the customer, and all flows are synchronized in real time.
Service aggreements
Streamline the management of service contracts, including all information about installed products. This is field service. It provides technicians with a good basis for solving problems quickly and permanently.
Service planning
More service cases can be handled much more efficiently, thanks to internal or external resource busyness planning, routing and scheduling
Analysis with asset history
Analysis of the historical data generated by asset history often helps to understand that something went wrong before the problem occurred.

Field Service Management Benefits

With BEAM Field Service Management Solution, you can manage and monitor your after-sales field processes, report them flexibly and quickly, and spare more time for your customers.
The easiest and most efficient way for the traceability, recording, reporting of after-sales processes, not to lose their connection with other processes or to establish them; It will be to use a capable system that is suitable for your processes, the structure of your company and the way you do business.
In this context, BEAM Field Service Management Solution; It offers a flexible, fast, easy-to-use, adaptable powerful platform that can integrate with the ERP you are using.