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Energy Risk Management

What is Energy Risk Management?

The implementation of energy consumption in accordance with the energy management policies of the institutions and the control of the risks that may arise within this framework is a very critical issue within the scope of 50001. Qdms will provide you with this flexibility in order to remove energy risks on the basis of activities or processes. In addition;

Supporting all common methodologies
Establishing the desired approval hierarchy based on risk
Creation of historical record with revision of risk sizes
Getting a risk form printout in the desired format
Automatic precautionary warning system for certain risk levels
Associate with fields such as legislation, process, supplier, customer, product group, workplace etc.
Precautions; Tracking with CAPA, Document, Action modules
Trend, Scatter Charts and Reporting
Unlimited parametric field support
Ensuring the improvement of systems and processes by defining risk forms and making improvement studies
Contributing to the reduction of energy consumption, costs and greenhouse gas emission rates together with the management of energy risk forms