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Solution Partners


Together with the ecosystem we have created as Bimser, we offer our customers wholistic solutions that enable their Digital Transformation. In the Bimser ecosystem, there are alternative working methods suitable for the business model of our Solution Partners.

By participating in the rapidly expanding and globalizing Bimser ecosystem by taking part in our ecosystem in a model that suits you, you can create a wide business area for our solution partners and earn income.

Advantages of Being a Solution Partner

Recurring revenue opportunities for software, services and support
Strong and competitive solutions in their fields
Common product use and references
Free sales and product trainings
Solution Partners Portal for sales tracking and management
Effective support in the sales process
Marketing supports
Opportunity to create your niche market by developing sector or process-oriented solutions through Bimser products

Authorized Dealer Solution Partner

Our solution partners, who are Authorized Dealers, have product/solution knowledge and aim to offer solutions that are completely tailored to our customers’ needs. They earn income from the sales they make by positioning the product. In their sales, Bimser carries out projects with its expert staff. They can take action without any restrictions in terms of region, sector or customer scale in their work.

Value-Added Solution Partner

Our Value-Added Solution Partners present the entire process from the first contact with our customers to the realization of the sale, the implementation of the project with its accredited expert staff, and the provision of 1st Level support, with their product/solution knowledge and experience.

OEM – ISV Solution Partnership

Our solution partners in this category have developed their own ERP, CRM, etc. Bimser offers embedded and/or integrated products. With this integration, our Solution Partners come to a more competitive point in their own markets by providing holistic solutions with Bimser’s products that have deepened in their fields.

Product Devolopment Solution Partnership

Bimser provides solutions to meet the needs of many departments in different sectors with its technological infrastructure and eBA Workflow platform. It can develop joint products on the eBA platform with its expert solution partners in niche areas that can be products among these solutions and create added value for customers in the market.

Technology Companies / Consultant Solution Partners

In order to provide wholistic solutions to our customers in the areas we work, we cooperate with products/services such as IoT, Cloud, Business Process Consultancy directly related to our products.

Our Solutions Partners

Authorized Dealers

Value-Added Solution Partners

Product Development Work Partners

Technology Companies Consultant Solution Partners

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