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Electrical and Electronics Sector

Make a Difference with Digital Solutions in the Highly Competitive Conditions of the Electrical – Electronics Industry

Digital Ailments

A pandemic, such as Covid-19, that we have been exposed to, and various political and economic crises have shown us that rapid adaptation and adaptation to changing market conditions constitute the most important places in the strategic planning of organizations. As Bimser, we focus on occupational ailments specific to sectors and produce digital solutions for them. We can define some digital disturbances in the electrical and electronics industry, where competition is increasing day by day, as follows.


Office independent working, fast decision making and approval gain more importance day by day in this sector where intense competition is experienced. The fact that employees can do their jobs remotely and manage processes via mobile devices provides organizations with both time savings, low cost and increased productivity. It also enables companies to respond quickly to market demands.

To give a simple example, executing the purchasing process in a virtual environment and obtaining approvals quickly allows the purchasing time to focus on buying the most suitable product at the most affordable price, avoiding unnecessary waiting. Bimser offers mobility, which has become an important need and tool in the world, to its customers in the most efficient and productive way in order to provide easy access to all its solutions and applications.

Control of Production and Maintenance Costs

One of the most important goals of the institutions producing in the electrical and electronics sector is to manage the life cycles of their assets in the most efficient way. Every business aims to get the highest return on their investment in these assets. In this way, it plans to be one step ahead of its competitors. Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the owned assets within the planned periods also has a direct effect on keeping the lead times given to the customer and ensuring customer satisfaction. It seems inevitable for institutions to make certain investments in order to achieve this goal. At the top of these investments is Enterprise Asset Management Automation.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

BEAM Enterprise Asset Management solution, offered by Bimser to its customers in the electrical and electronics sector, ensures that all processes of a fixture/asset/machine are managed in the most efficient virtual environment, from entering the corporate inventory until they are scrapped. In addition, it helps you determine the causes of failure of your equipment, and creates decision support information about the economic life of the equipment by comparing the purchase price of the equipment on a currency basis with the material and labor costs spent on it. In addition, it will be very easy for you to manage your employees’ time effectively, to make competency-based work distributions, and to plan workforce with our BEAM asset management solution.

BEAM corporate asset solution helps to form corporate memory and provides the necessary infrastructure for the dynamic and agile approach required by the industry. By accelerating the adaptation process of new technical personnel, it saves time for the institution.

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Digital Contract Management

One of the issues that white-collar employees in the electrical and electronics sector have the most difficulty with and lose time is to reach the contracts they signed with their customers and subcontractors quickly and reliably when they need it. However, managing, approving and archiving contract processes within the process determined by the business is much easier with the Digital Contract Management offered by Bimser.
While Bimser contract management software solution provides various opportunities such as cost savings and efficiency, competitive advantage, quality service delivery, accountability, specialization and flexibility; due to the profit orientation inherent in the business; It also helps to eliminate some risks such as loss of reputation, management difficulties and lack of technical staff.