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Finance Sector

Bimser is always with you with smart business solutions suitable for your transformational business model…

When financial institutions look at their companies from different perspectives while determining Transformational Business Models according to their business dynamics; they determine their strategies to achieve their goals such as increasing customer satisfaction, increasing profitability rates and gaining new customers, and reveal their transformation models accordingly. Transformation models sometimes include new financial solutions and sometimes new services for their customers. In this journey, Bimser enables its customers in the finance sector to realize their transformation quickly and easily with Content Services Platforms(eBA and Synergy) and Process Performance and Balanced ScoreCard (Ensemble) solutions.

With the solutions we offer, you have the opportunity to model your current situation (As-Is) and perform the GAP analysis necessary to get to the point you want to be (To-Be). You can determine the risks, preconditions and requirements in your processes and create and measure both your process performance and your scorecards. In this way, you can objectively measure the performance of your departments, identify and solve bottlenecks in their processes. Most importantly, you set the right goals and pave the way for the growth of your institution.

In the increasingly complex business life, it is not possible to monitor the general situation of the institution with a single parameter or data. One of the most used methods is to monitor different data related to each other with a certain formula. Bimser’s Balanced ScoreCard module connects your performance management, fed by your processes, to your corporate scorecard management, allowing you to measure your structure in 360 degrees.

After modeling your processes, we enable you to manage the actions you will take to minimize the risks you have identified, with the action module. We build management systems with which you can work in compliance with your legislation. With our QDMS Integrated Management solution, you can perform processes such as Compliance monitoring, management of regulatory actions, audit, finding management, internal control and risk management.

Digitalization is a must for transformation, including the management and realization of work flows in a virtual environment… Bimser Content Services Platforms (eBA and Synergy)are your biggest assistants to speed up your organization, to eliminate unnecessary waiting in your processes, and to work independently of location. Thanks to this solution, you can set up and process new services and solutions to your customers very quickly. With this platform, which you can integrate with all your systems, you can set up a structure where you can manage data transfer between units, effective time and data management, and workflows without interruption. It is an application that you can easily integrate with your core applications on a single platform and position it as a backbone in the middle of your company.

Effective management of your corporate assets and optimizing their life cycles is one of the important points that affect profitability. Proper management of assets has a significant impact on both employee and customer satisfaction. With our Beam Enterprise Asset Management solution, you can manage your assets, maintenance, purchases and history from a single point with your contracted suppliers.

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