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Quality Management System


What is Quality | Integrated Management System (QMS | IMS)?

Quality | Integrated Management System is a corporate management manifesto necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability, efficiency and satisfaction of all stakeholders with a customer-oriented and continuous improvement philosophy. As a result of the simultaneous and interrelated management or implementation of more than one management system, standards such as Quality, Environment and Occupational Health are gathered under a single title as“integrated“. It can be applied to all kinds of organizations, from small to large, from industry to service, from public to private sector.
Bimser’s Quality | Integrated Management System solution,
Effective competition regardless of scale, continuity of customer satisfaction, building customer trust, reducing errors, increasing profitability, controlling costs, minimizing losses, continuous improvement, increasing productivity, ensuring employee motivation and strengthening communication.

QDMS Integrated Management System, ensures the automation of the activities required by the management system standardsthat organizations have. It will be with you as your closest working tool in your Total Quality journey. It offers your processes that need to be automated under the headings of management systems to your use with a modular structure.

QDMS Quality Management System Our solution creates the documentation infrastructure required by all management system standards (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, etc.) and ensures the execution and follow-up of all related activities.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is a globally accepted form of management system that aims to increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations, needs and regulatory requirements. It determines the Quality Management System conditions at many points from the organizational structure of the organization to the satisfaction level of its customers, from analyzing the collected data to the effective management of the processes, from internal audits to product design, from purchasing to sales. The ISO 9001 Standard is essentially a control mechanism. The purpose of this standard is to reduce, eliminate and, more importantly, prevent errors and defects. The standard is not directly related to the quality of products and services, but to the quality of the management system. The basic assumption here is that if an effective Quality Management System is established and implemented, quality products and services are produced to meet customer needs. The ISO 9001 Standard is non-compulsory and contains general requirements. It can be applied to any sector, whether large or small scale. It represents a strong management system when understood and applied correctly. With Bimser’s Quality | Integrated Management System solution, you can ensure the ISO 9001 Standard correctly and effectively.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System is a systematic approach that ensures the realization of production in all kinds of production sectors, taking into account the environmental impacts at every step from the first stage of the product to the consumer. ISO 14001 is an international standard that defines the process of controlling and improving a company’s environmental performance.
Bimser’s Environmental Management System
module, you can reduce your use of natural resources and minimize damage to soil, water and air.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System is of great importance for your organization’s activities and perhaps for its continuation. ISMS helps you manage and protect your valuable information assets. It is the only internationally auditable standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It is designed to ensure that adequate and proportionate security controls are selected. ISO 27001 requires organizations to prepare risk management and risk handling plans, roles and responsibilities, business continuity plans, emergency incident management procedures and keep records of these in practice. The organization should publish an information security policy that includes all these activities and raise awareness of its personnel about information security and threats. Information security management as a living process where selected control objectives are measured and the fitness for purpose and performance of controls are continuously monitored can only be achieved with the active support of management and the participation of personnel. It helps you protect your information assets and reassure interested parties, especially your customers.
Bimser’s Information Security Management System
solution helps you to create, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve your Information Security Management System.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System creates a framework for all businesses in terms of reducing the risks of the working environment, increasing the safety of the employees and creating more reliable working conditions and includes the requirements that will reduce the burden on them. It follows system approaches such as ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 Environmental management system, which are accepted all over the world. The main structure of ISO 45001 has been established in accordance with the Annex SL structure implemented with the latest revisions and consists of 10 articles. With the latest revision, the standardwas reissued as ISO 45001 to facilitate integrationwith other standards from OHSAS 18001.
Bimser’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System
solution, you can increase the security of your employees and your work environment.

Bimser’s Integrated Management Solution’
With the Controlled Document module, you can ensure that the documentation structure expected by management systems is created, revisions to be made to these documents are kept in the system in version logic, users can access these documents within their authorization, and when changes are made to the document, the relevant people are informed about the change (in accordance with the distribution matrix). With the transfer function in our system, existing documents can be transferred to the system individually or collectively. Documents can be prepared and updated electronically in Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, PDF or other formats familiar to users. Requests for document additions, document revisions and cancellations can be monitored in the system, and until all authorized approvals are obtained, these documents are kept as drafts and are not available to other users. Reports can be obtained in many different areas such as the status of the document waiting in the system, the summary lists of the documents, whether the people sent for distribution have read the documents. Our application is fully parametric and allows users to easily add and edit new document groups without being dependent on the vendor. possible. When more than one language is used and documents are prepared in different languages, the document prepared in the language used by the people who will approve and view the document will be opened in whichever language they use. Word and Excel documents can be automatically converted to PDFand opened as PDF.

It is a module of our QDMS product where nonconformities or improvements identified within the company are tracked. This module works integrated with our Audit Activities module. After the nonconformity/improvement is detected and entered into the system, it can be sent for approval if desired and after approval, a CPA can be opened. After the Corrective Preventive Action or remedial action is determined, the people who will solve the problem can enter a progress report and plan actions by performing root cause analysis respectively. The planned actions are notified to the person who needs to do the work by e-mail as usual. When these people click on the link in the e-mail, they can directly connect to the system and see what they need to do on their screen. Reports and graphing of all entered data are done automatically by the system. Since this information can also be transferred to Excel, the information entered into the system can be managed as desired.

Transaction sources, root causes and nonconformity categories can be determined by the organization. The G8D report can be printed out.

With the Action Management module of Bimser’s Integrated Management Solution, you can plan and follow up the deadline, the person who will do the work and the task related to a job (meeting, management program, time-sized targets, projects, etc.). After the action plan is made, you can make as many work plans related to the action as desired. The defined work plans are sent to people’s e-mailsas actions and by clicking on the link in these e-mails, users are directed directly to the place where they will complete the work. While the business plans of the actions are being made, budget plans can also be made and effectiveness percentages can be defined. Our system automatically calculates the actual completion percentage of the project on the basis of work plans. Reports can be obtained on the basis of main actions and business plans of these actions.

“Audit” of Bimser’s QDMS Integrated Management Solution
module, you can track your internal audits, management system audits and external audits( such assupplier audits ). Self-assessments and audits can be defined as group or periodic, and the audits to be performed in this period or under this group can be defined under them. After the audits are defined, the audit detail plan is published by the lead auditor and after the audit findings are entered, the audit report is automatically generated and published in the system and the audit work order is closed. The audit activity can be integrated with the DÖF and action management modules, and nonconformities found can be converted into DÖF or Action in the system. Reports can be received in different formats related to the audit activity, work orders and histories of all audits can be accessed from these reports. A question pool can be created on the basis of the management system and selection can be made from this pool. Audit questions can be given points and weighting.

Bimser’s QDMS Integrated Management Solution’
Training Registrations
module, you can define and track your internal and external trainings. After the trainings are defined in the system with their sessions, trainers, participants and locations, our system automatically sends an e-mail to the people who need to attend the training. After the results of the trainings are entered into the system by the training coordinator, training reports are generated by the system in all desired details . When using our training records software, you can make a training request and send your training request for approval. When the training needs of titles are defined, the trainings that a person has received and should receive with the relevant title can be listed. Persons who will evaluate the effectiveness of the trainings are automatically warned when the evaluation time comes and they are expected to perform the activity evaluation. With the integration of the Ministry of Labor and Family, you can fulfill the obligation of institutions to send occupational safety trainings to the ministry electronically. Bimser is an accredited IBYS Integrator company.

QDMS Integrated Management Solution’
your music Calibration module, you can track internal and external calibrations and verifications on a work order basis and get reports. Once the hardware is defined in the system, each calibration can be tracked as a work order and work orders can be produced monthly or in batches at desired periods. Every time a work order is created, our system sends an e-mail to the calibration responsible and the device responsible. Once the calibrator has entered the results into the system, they can obtain these data and master plans as reports, which can also be exported to Excel. Certificate or uncertainty calculation can be done separately according to the types of hardware in use.