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Retail Sector

Bimser brings agility and efficiency to companies in the sector with solutions developed specifically for retail.

With the inevitability of uninterrupted customer experience, speed, agility and efficiency are now vital in the Retail sector. In order to be successful in the sector, which includes omnichannel and e-commerce applications as well as traditional channels, it is necessary to exhibit a dynamic, customer-oriented approach supported by a strong technological infrastructure.

Retail Merchandising Management

With Bimser Merchandising Management processes blended with the know-how of retail sector customers and high technology, you can manage the entire operation between the head office and stores end-to-end integrated. Campaign, price management, product returns, invoicing, inventory management, customer records and payment systems including all solutions can be used integrated.

Human Resources Management

In the retail sector, where staff productivity and employee satisfaction are very important
Bimser HR Management
solutions, you can manage human resources quickly and effectively, while maximizing employee loyalty. Career management, recruitment, dismissal, embezzlement, shift, payroll, overtime, payroll and personnel file management solutions provide easy, fast and flexible management.

Store Maintenance, Inventory, Subcontractor, After Sales Service Management

In retail operations where products require after-sales service or assembly, quality customer service is a major competitive advantage. In addition, Bimser offers solutions for counting and barcoding store inventory, tracking the services and breakdowns of subcontractors used in construction, real estate and facility management, as well as subcontractor progress payments and KPI tracking.

Workflow Automation

Ensuring the creation, follow-up and finalization of business processes
eBA Workflow Management
solution helps manage business processes faster and more efficiently. Thus, all workflows and approval mechanismsfrom planning to sales are digitized, saving time and costs.

Document and Content Management

Paperless office is targeted with the management of all internal and external electronic and printed document processes, digital archive management, incoming and outgoing document management, contract management, archive management, kep integrations, mobile signature and electronic signature infrastructure solutions. The desired document or information can be accessed in a very short time by searching within and searching from master data information.

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While doing this, we need to move forward at the same speed at every point without losing control.

Intelligent Process Management (IBPM)

All process maps are created, they are associated with each other, risks, opportunities and resources are blended within the process Ahairy Process Management (IBPM) With digital transformation, you can identify areas of discomfort, identify where you need to intervene within the organization, intervene in the right place at the right time, and ensure business excellence without spending unnecessary resources and time. You can instantly monitor the effectiveness of your processes through real data by receiving and writing data from all automation systems that provide input and output to your processes.

Process Performance Management, KPI, KRI Tracking

Process performance management,
After the modeling of the processes, it is a decision support and reporting mechanism supported by the balanced scored card infrastructure, where you can check whether the entire resource is working correctly in line with the given targets and intervene quickly by receiving detailed reports.

Our Retail Industry References
Mobile Store Control and Action Planning

Store checklists, store audits, hidden audits etc. It enables flexible and fast management of applications such as mobile devices in the field. After the audit, finding report and action planning can be created automatically.

Integrated Quality Management

It provides integrated management of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 10002, 27001, 50001 business processes applied in the integrated enterprise. It manages and reports issues such as field audit, CRM, customer complaint management integrated with the call center, corrective and remedial action management, risk management, incident notifications integrated with all systems.