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Information Security Policy

During the course of its activities, Bimser may have the private access/connection information of the customers it provides services to , as well as the private configuration and communication information of critical devices. Our primary goal is to ensure the security of the institutions and organizations we serve and to ensure the security of our information assets that we use for the services we provide. In this context, our relationships with the customers, public and private institutions we cooperate with are very valuable. The continuity of the services we provide, the confidentiality of the information we hold, and the integrity of the information assets of customers or within ourselves are of high importance. As Bimser, in order to prevent and manage all kinds of information security risks that our internal and external stakeholders may face, we have established a
Information Security Policy


  1. Documentation, certification, implementation, monitoring of the results and continuous improvement of the information security management system within the scope of ISO 27001,
  2. Compliance with all legal requirements and contractual sanctions,
  3. Managing information security risks by classifying, evaluating and recording information assets, continuously reviewing risks and providing controls for risks above the acceptable level,
  4. All activities to increase awareness within the organization and to provide the necessary trainings for the adoption of the information security management system
    ISO 9001
    management system in an integrated manner with the management system and undertakes to carry out all necessary work in order to put it into practice.