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Change Management


What is Change Management?

We can define change management as an approach that enables retrospective traceability to understand changes and decisions made over time as products and processes evolve and need to change. You can manage your changes with Bimser’s eBA software solution.

We call the change management procedure the documented procedure that ensures the integration and management of all changes to be made during the activities of an organization in accordance with the management system standards, to improve the desired outputs, to reduce unwanted effects, to improve customer satisfaction, product or service quality, to improve the quality management system requirements.

Bimser “Change Management” software addresses 2 main issues:

    • Identifying changes
    • Planning changes

At the stage of identifying changes,it is extremely important to identify changes that may affect the quality management system. Here, changes that may affect the system should be addressed in depth, and changes that may occur in all processes should be examined in terms of their impact on the quality management system.

After identifying the changes that may affect the quality management system, another important issue is the planning of these changes.

Planning is critical for managing change, as an input for risk-based thinking and for proactive thinking.

It is an important issue to carefully handle, evaluate and manage change requests that may occur in ongoing projects. Due to the nature of the projects, change requests are inevitable. These requests may come from different participants and project stakeholders. At this point, it is necessary to apply the project change steps correctly. These steps in Bimser’s project change management practice can be listed as : preventing the cause of the change, identifying the change, looking at the impact of the change, requesting the change, implementing the integrated change control system, editing the project management plan, informing the stakeholders affected by the change, and revising the project management plan and documents.

The change to be made can be communicated to the service desk or help desk group through a change request, a problem, a malfunction or interruption, a legal obligation, a system, software, hardware or authorization request. The emergence of the change request and its classification, approval, evaluation, SLA management, change tests, assignments, disaster recovery plans and go live should be planned and executed from a project management perspective.

Processes such as change management, incident management, problem management, request management, configuration management, release management and service desk activities, adding value to the organization and continuous service improvements are achieved with a proactive approach and perspective instead of a reactive approach in service management.