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Company Values

In our relationships with our customers

We try to understand the requirements of our customers completely and to produce complete and suitable solutions.
We try to achieve complete customer satisfaction in all our projects.
We keep our promises on time and we don’t give any promise for any work that we cannot do.
We develop our working methods in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
We prioritize the interests and requests of our customers when taking a decision for our products and services.
We work on technologies and products that will add value to our customers and we develop our portfolio accordingly.
We believe that productive work is a must to achieve targets regardless of time and location.

In our relationships with our stakeholders

We believe a seamless communication with our customers and within our company is important.
We always prioritize quality in our products, services and relationships.
We adopt a behavior that is based on mutual respect and in compliance of business ethic rules in our relationships with all our stakeholders (customers, partners, employees and local governments).
We believe in working voluntarily for social projects as a company that is aware of its social responsibility.


We represent our company in the best manner in all environments.
We assist each other for our works.
We try to communicate our expertise to each other.
We always create new ideas to develop our company.
We believe in the importance of being a team that is composed of individuals, who follow ethic rules.