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Contract Management


Contract Management (Contract Management)

What is Contract Management?

We can define a contract as a written document in which the conditions of the parties that will take part in the realization of a project are determined. In general, a contract is a document that enables work to commence. Contract management is often thought of only as a legal process.

Successful Contract and Project Management ensures that works are completed with minimal deviations and as far as possible in accordance with the contract documents. While Bimser contract management software solution provides various opportunities such as cost savings and efficiency, competitive advantage, quality service delivery, accountability, specialization and flexibility; it also helps to eliminate some risks such as loss of reputation, management difficulties and lack of technical staff due to the inherent profit orientation of the business. Contract management is a process within the project management process and has a life cycle. Contracts in this process;

  • It is created.
  • Approved
  • Renewal.
  • Dissolved.
  • Termination.

The parties involved in this process:

  • Supply (procurement) management
  • Law and legislation
  • Finance (accounting and finance)
  • Suppliers
  • Other related units

Procurement is the supply of goods or services by a company, person or organization. With eBA Contract Management software, you can manage the creation, renewal and termination processes of contracts resulting from all procurement activities carried out by an organization.

If we define purchasing briefly, it is the purchase of a product from a supplier at the lowest possible price. In order to make a good purchase, it is necessary to sign a contract with the companies to be purchased, in which the agreed conditions will be written down.

In addition to managing the end-to-end procurement process with the eBA Workflow Management system, you can also control the Supplier Procurement Contracts very easily with eBA Contract Management. In this way, you can speed up purchases from the same supplier and save time and cost. Fields such as payment terms, delivery terms and delivery address can be taken from the relevant purchase contract and overlaid on the order form.

The Contract Management process intersects with the tendering process and the procurement process. Before proceeding to the project execution phase within the Project Management process, it should be ensured that all work to be done is determined by contracts.

The Contract Manager within Project Management should develop and/or mature various contract examples based on his/her institutional knowledge and in accordance with the business purpose and contract management procedure.

Particular attention should be paid to special clauses in contracts with subcontractors and suppliers. Care should be taken not to use clauses and phrases that put the employer in a difficult position against subcontractors and suppliers.

Areas that should be included in the draft agreements could be as follows;

  • Parties (Employer, Employee*, other)
  • Job description
  • Duration of work
  • Price of the work
  • Payment method
  • Advance
  • Guarantees
  • Materials and services to be provided by the Employer
  • Employee’s obligations
  • Penalties to be applied to İşgören in case of delay

Contract Tracking Software

With eBA Contract Management Software, contracts with all companies within the organization are recorded with all parameters and costs. This contract lifecycle starts with the contract request;

  • to be created as a blueprint,
  • realization of the approval stages,
  • Creation of versions by writing notes and comments of the relevant business units,
  • follow-up of legal compliance,
  • follow-up of the contract end date,

through the stages of the process. By managing all of these stages together with the eBA workflow management system, information such as how long the contracts are waiting on whom and for what reason can be accessed quickly. It enables the personnel to access these agreements from any point within their authorization. Contracts are taken under control when the reminder service is alerted by the reminder service for contracts that are approaching or have expired. With the contract tracking software, documents can be accessed with the metadata information contained in it, as well as on the basis of any word in the contract. Users authorized on the system can see the whole system in a holistic manner in terms of statistics thanks to visual reports.

Together with eBA Contract Management Solution;

  • Manage complex business relationships between organizations and institutions,
  • Filters, policies, risks and rules are created to control compliance with the contract,
  • Manage your different types of contracts in templates such as lease, service, sales, IT, maintenance contract etc,
  • Contracts are updated without manual intervention,
  • Report contract costs,
  • Contract end dates are followed,
  • Implementing a Contract Management solution improves visibility, accountability and accessibility of contracts,
  • By assessing the organization’s contract management maturity, together with a cross-functional team, it becomes clear which business units create legally binding documents,
  • The library speeds up the contract development process by using templates in combination with e-signatures and automated workflows,
  • Contracts can be accessed instantly from a single center on all platforms(IOS, Android, PC) with simple authorizations.