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Automative Sector

Manage change with Bimser’s smart automotive industry solutions.

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

While improving your processes, you can start your digital transformation journey with Bimser’s solutions in the areas of creating risk-oriented strategies, measuring their performance, managing your business operations instantly, increasing the performance of your assets, making your quality management system transparent and traceable, complying with regulations and creating corporate memory. Automotive industry companies have already started to increase customer satisfaction with digital solutions; By implementing digital solutions on dynamic supply chain management, sustainability and transparency in your company, you can stand out in this competition.

Nissan Turkey

As a result of important selection criteria, Nissan Turkey preferred the eBA Workflow and Document Management System in 2015 and is still actively using it. After Nissan Turkey preferred the eBA solution, the project was carried out in Dubai in the AMI (Africa-Middle East-India) region. Subsequently, eBA was preferred by Saudi Arabia, taking Nissan Turkey as an example. Providing service with 40 dealers in Turkey, Nissan Turkey, together with one of Bimser’s business partners, uses Purchase Request, Cost and Invoice Management, Contract Management, Dealer Risk Management on the processes developed in the eBA solution. Approval mechanisms in the workflow are automated with budget control. With the Dealer Risk Control, risk control can be made according to the orders of the dealers, and the approval flow and invoicing in the ERP can be realized. In addition, with QDMS Document Management, all instructions and procedures of the company are followed, revisions can be made and published.

Risk-Oriented Process and Performance Management
  • Improve your processes.
  • Measure your corporate performance.
  • Scorecard Application
Digital Transformation in Production
  • Continuity of your assets
  • Lifecycle analysis of your assets
  • Planned maintenance operations
  • Your material and maintenance costs
Workflow and Document Management
  • Build your corporate memory.
  • Make your business operations sustainable.
  • Manage dynamic business with suppliers and customers.
Integrated Management System
  • Align your quality processes with regulations.
  • Provide regulatory risk management.
  • Manage all your quality assurance operations on one platform.

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