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Bimser Continues to Grow with Ecosystem…

Bimser Continues to Grow with Ecosystem…

Bimser has created an ecosystem with solution partners. This ecosystem continues to grow and partners continues to do successful projects for our customers.

We have alliances with nearly 100 different companies in total. The ecosystem includes IT-oriented companies, IoT / IIoT companies and Process, Risk, Quality, TPM, Digital Transformation consultancy companies. With this, Bimser has been created structure that can provide holistic solutions to our customers.

In addition, approximately 50 of our Solution Partners have solution specialists who have completed their accreditation by passing the training and examination about Bimser products.

 In total, nearly 100 license projects were carried out in the ecosystem with our solution partners in 2019. In some of these projects, our solution partners actively involved in the implementation and after-sales support activities starting. Our Solution Partners are located in different locations. After all, it provides closer and more focused service to customers.

 The Solution Partners also actively support our customers about developing solutions and/or processes on eBA Workflow and Document Management software. With the experience the solution partners have specialized on sectors and/or solutions.

 In this context, they developed solutions such as Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, GDPR, Contract Management, Change Management, Master Data Management, HR Processes, E-Invoice on eBA. With these solutions, our customers can access solutions from experienced sources.

 As Bimser, we also operate abroad with our solution partners.  Our offices abroad are actively working to develop ecosystem and customers in their regions. In addition, we carry out studies in Europe, Middle East and North Africa from Bimser Head Office. In this region, we have local solution partners in some cities; especially Baku, Dubai, The Hague-Nutherlands. In 2019, we received new projects from this locations with our solution partners.

 Some key points about Bimser Ecosystem operation in 2019 :

The volume of business created in the ecosystem has grown by 50% compared to the previous year.
Approximately 35% of the total license sales were made by Solution Partners in 2019.
New license sales were made with 40 Different Solution Partners.
Our Solution Partners provide 1st Level support to our 250 customers for after sales services.
11 different trainings were provided to our Solution Partners on the consultancy-technical side, with a total of 215 participants.
In 2019, our Solution Partners completed the implementation of 91 different projects.
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